Ethical Fashion Influencers Advocating for the Cause

Consumers flock to fast fashion to participate in the latest trends, often set by fast fashion influencers. However, slow fashion has recently crept more into the spotlight, thanks to the rise in ethical and sustainable fashion influencers. These influencers have made it their mission to bring awareness to the negative impact that fast fashion has on the environment and often the people who work within the companies. The goal is to shift more people away from overconsumption and toward conscious consumerism, and the ethical fashion influencers listed below truly make a difference.

Ethical fashion influencers to inspire you

Aja Barber

Writer, fashion consultant and advocate Aja is taking on the issues of society by storm. She often discusses race and gender inequality and how fast fashion negatively affects the environment. She mostly shares style inspiration videos, opinions on controversial events regarding gender, race and the environment, and fashion tips. One of her most notable tips is to discover your style and stick with it as a way to avoid buying clothes that’ll just pile up in your closet, never seeing the light of day. Check out her book, “Consumed: The Need for Collective Change: Colonialism, Climate Change, and Consumerism.”

Aditi Mayer

Aditi is a fashion blogger, photojournalist, speaker, and activist for social and environmental justice topics. Her sustainable fashion blog was inspired by the Rana Plaza Factory incident and features various insights into sustainable fashion and how to make the switch. On her Instagram, you’ll find snippets of her past work, ongoing activism, advice on becoming an activist, and her ethically sourced fashion ‘fits.

Danielle Alvarado

Sustainability and non-toxic and slow living are what Danielle is about. She’s adored for her extensive knowledge and passion for educating her audience about sustainability while showing off her sense of humor and down-to-earth spirit. Her Instagram and blog discuss the best ways to approach conscious consumerism, such as how to shop secondhand, tips for making clothes last longer and sustainable brands. She also often advocates for accessibility and inclusivity in the ethical fashion world.  

Brett Staniland

Brett is one of the most popular male ethical fashion influencers, alongside his identical twin brother, Scott. He strives to show the world that sustainable fashion is far from boring and continues to succeed. He even joined the show “Love Island” to bring awareness to sustainability and made his refusal to wear fast fashion on the show known. Not to mention that Dr. Brett just recently secured his Ph.D. 

Scott Staniland

Scott is also among the most popular male sustainable fashion influencers. He’s also a writer and contributes to various sustainability publications. Currently, he serves as a brand ambassador for an electric and hybrid car company and can often be seen sporting different models around town and at events he attends. 

Kate Hall

Kate’s silly and transparent approach to taking on the tough task of being a sustainable fashion influencer is what draws people to her. She shares an array of knowledge on her Instagram and blog discussing aspects of sustainability, her daily life, her favorite parts of sustainability and even her least favorites. She’s also an amazing speaker and has been featured on Ted Talk. Most of Kate’s content is joy-filled videos with her husband, friends, family and dog. 

Marielle Elizabeth

Marielle acknowledges that the slow fashion lifestyle can be difficult and provides several solutions, specifically for plus sizes. As a photographer and blogger, she constantly brings attention to the lack of accessibility and inclusivity and often expresses the importance of self-love and acceptance. 

Izzy Manuel

Izzy’s encouraging, non-shaming approach to advocating for sustainability is what draws so many people to her. That, along with her vibrant style. She demonstrates that dopamine dressing can still be a thing with ethical fashion and how one piece of clothing can be worn in multiple ways.

Venetia La Manna

Venetia is not afraid to call anyone or any brand out. As a podcast host and fair fashion campaigner, she frequently breaks down the negative impacts that different fast fashion brands have on the Earth and brings attention to exploiting the employees that work for them. She highlights brands that falsely claim to produce sustainable and ethical clothing and goes into great detail about what goes on. She also co-founded Remember Who Made Them, a platform supporting garment makers who are often overlooked, overworked and underpaid. 


As a conscious and mindful closet advocate, Sally loves sharing her favorite sustainable brands, products, habits and tips. Her page includes low-waste options, thrift store finds and her admiration for nature.

Heidi Kaluza

“Style over trends” is Heidi’s motto. As a former fast-fashion influencer, she now works to educate others and help them shift more toward sustainable, slow fashion. She shares a variety of stylish alternatives to fast-fashion brands and calls them out for being deceptive, along with the fast-fashion influencers who heavily contribute to overconsumption. 

Valeria Hinojosa

Valeria is the creator of the blog WaterThruSkin, where she touches on several sustainable living topics. She goes more in-depth on her podcast, Casa Earth. Her Instagram demonstrates the steps she’s taking to come into a slow-living lifestyle and showcases her favorite foods, products and outfits.


Amma is the voice behind the blog Style and Sustain. She uses this platform and her podcast and social media to share her experience from a once frequent fast-fashion consumer to a now ethical fashion influencer. Her videos mostly feature her favorite outfits, sustainable brands and more. 

Kate Caric

Kate works hard to bring awareness to the dangers of fast fashion. She exposes the unfortunate labor practices of many fast-fashion brands and gives solid alternatives. She also highlights the most sustainable ways to shop and goes into depth in many of her videos and blog posts to give her audience a full understanding.

Jazmine Rogers

Jazmine is the baddie behind the blog, Sustainablebaddie, which celebrates ethical fashion and sustainable living. Her fun and upbeat style and tone are what her audience loves about her. She makes it a goal not to shame anyone into the sustainable lifestyle but rather to point out its positive aspects. 

If you’ve always wanted to learn about sustainable fashion and living but didn’t know where to start, these ethical fashion influencers can help. 


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