Do you and your partner constantly hold hands, kiss wherever possible, and post silly pictures on social networks? This is how all relationships begin, but those “happy” couples eventually start to act weird on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, making all their friends and followers very uncomfortable.

Maybe you and your partner are new to this whole social media venture, so here are a few tips on what a happy couple should not do on the Internet.

1. Posting “sexy” photos of your partner

It’s very weird to see these kinds of pics pop up in our news feeds. We get it, you’re smashing! No need to rub it in our faces. Also, ease up on the “happy couple” shots. Who are you trying to convince with those, your followers or yourself?

2. Following and interacting with your ex

Leave the past baggage behind you. You’re in a real and happy relationship now, and you do not need this drama unless you’re consciously stirring the pot. But if you are, you’re not that happy, are you? Also, everyone can see your comments under your ex’s posts. At least make a fake profile.

3. Tagging each other all the time

Tagging your partner for any reason is just weird, especially when the post is about something menial, like “looks how cute our cat is @partner.” We’re all quite sure they already know this, and if you’re tagging them, why not shoot it over a DM? That’s called “attention seeking,” and it’s heavily frowned upon. Happy couples give each other freedom and personal space.

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