7 Must-Have Influencer Apps

Keeping a steady stream of high-quality content on social is time-consuming. To help, influencers use apps to help them do everything from edit videos to manage their time. Here’s a look at seven must-have influencer apps to ease your content creation workload: 

Editing apps

Photo Grid 

App purpose: Photo editor.

Best feature: It’s free, with advanced features that competitors charge for. 

Photo Grid is versatile — you can use it to edit your photos for Instagram or any other platform. 

Do you have photos to share that aren’t the traditional square shape? No problem. 

This app lets you easily import them and place them on a square-shaped background. 

You can edit and customize your backgrounds, add borders, text overlays, quotes, and CTAs with this fully functional, user-friendly app. 


App purpose: Photo and video editor.

Best feature: The wide range of filters allow for endless possibilities. 

Prequel is a photo and video editing app that lets you tap into your creativity with tons of templates, editing features, and presets designed to match just about any aesthetic. 

There are tools to smooth out your skin or whiten your teeth. Video filters like VHS, Grain, Cinema, and Snapshot provide an on-trend vintage appeal. Plus, you can add music, trim clips, and slow down or speed up your videos for an extra effect. 


App purpose: Sophisticated photo and video editor.

Best feature: The app is free and has many preset options for photos and reels. 

Lightroom is an all-in-one photo and video editing app that lets your signature style shine. 

A pro tip is to start by choosing a creator whose style you admire and purchasing one of their presets. 

Then, simply customize the preset to your content with a transformative, one-click edit. 

Easy-to-use tools include sliders for retouching, filters and background fine-tuning. Enhance your videos even further with the flip, rotate and “before and after” preview features. 

There are also plenty of YouTube tutorials to help you get your feet wet with Lightroom. 

Content scheduling apps 


App purpose: Content scheduler, curator and analytics.

Best feature: It gives you daily tasks to complete to grow your online presence. 

As the world’s first AI-driven marketing bot, Crowdfire lightens an influencer’s workload with a sophisticated automated content scheduler. 

Simplify your social media management by auto-posting content and monitoring all of your social media accounts from one app. 

Crowdfire also finds relevant content for you to share with your followers and connects you with suitable brand and influencer matches. 

Over 100 million influencers and small businesses belong to Crowdfire, inviting writers, bloggers, freelancers, artists and e-sellers to join their collaborative community. 


App purpose: Schedule content and work with a team.

Best feature: The ability to post across all social media networks from one app.

Stay on top of social media scheduling with Amplifr. This scheduler is a lifesaver, particularly for influencers with a high level of social media output. 

The app’s auto-posting ability gives you more downtime. Amplifr also features an analytics dashboard to keep you informed. 

Before you post, preview and discuss content with your clients directly from the app, eliminating the need to switch services to collaborate with your team. 


App purpose: Create, schedule, and measure social posts.

Best feature: An array of user-friendly templates that are regularly refreshed with new additions. 

Unum lets you stand out on social media with an extensive library of templates, hashtags and planning tools. There are a bunch of font options and stickers to personalize your posts. 

The templates come with layout options for one or multiple photos and videos. Images and videos can be easily combined, and you can adjust the settings to play your reel once or repeatedly. 

Unum lets you plan your posts to share now or later, and the Insight tool offers feedback to show you what’s working — and what’s not — with your current content. 

Time and money management tools


App purpose: Time tracking.

Best feature: Easy to use and very organized.

Influencers need to know how much time they spend creating content. From tracking client projects to monitoring administrative tasks, like communication and brand outreach, you need to know where you spend your time. 

Toggl lets you track your time with an easy clock, label each entry, assign a per hour amount to projects and see your time spent in easy-to-digest graphs. 

Which apps do you use to stay on top of your social kingdom? Whether you’re a new influencer or a seasoned vet, these apps can help you save time and money. 


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