6 Gifts Brands Can Send to Influencers

Influencers are an important part of your marketing team. No matter the size of their audience, their clout with their followers helps your brand authentically promote products. To celebrate influencers or brand ambassadors, consider rewarding their hard work with a gift. 

What do you send to an influencer besides your company’s products? Here are a few gift ideas to show your creators some love.

Content-elevating gear

Producing quality content requires a full toolbox. From lights to tripods, there are certain tools that every influencer needs. So, why not help your influencers create top-notch content by sending them useful tools? 

Consider sending these, either as a standalone gift or bundle a few in a handy gift box:

  • Portable lights like selfie rings
  • Mini tripods that hold any type of phone
  • Tripods with a remote control to snap photos without a timer
  • Selfie stick
  • Portable chargers or charging banks
  • External smartphone lenses
  • Green screen backdrops
  • GoPro accessories

Subscriptions to helpful platforms

To create polished content, influencers use a variety of platforms. From editing apps to graphic design platforms, a handful of subscription-based tools make a great influencer gift. 

Consider paying for a monthly membership to platforms like: 

  • Canva: Graphic design platform
  • Adobe Creative Cloud: Editing software
  • SocialPilot or Hootsuite: Social media marketing scheduler
  • Trello: Project management software
  • Evernote: Social media calendar

Invite influencers to a special event

Not all gifts are monetary. You could invite influencers to an event. From charitable galas to laid-back happy hours, influencers are usually social folks who like to mingle with others — and grow their audience simultaneously. 

If your company has an ambassador program, you could host events specifically for the team. Maker’s Mark, for example, puts influencers’ names on bourbon barrels and invites them out when it’s time to crack the seal and taste the aged beverage. They even get to dip their own bottle in the iconic red wax. 

You can do something simpler too, like a virtual or in-person luncheon. 

Getting-ready accessories

For many influencers, getting themselves ready takes just as much time as taking a stunning image or capturing a video. Help influencers get photo-ready by sending a few helpful tools. 

You could put together a box of items like a cosmetic mirror, accessory organizers, and makeup brushes. 

You could send a few fun accessories too, like hats, hair clips, or pieces of jewelry. 

Beauty brands can send branded products. Everything from the season’s newest eyeshadow palette to plumping lip gloss are welcomed treats for influencers. 

Remote office decor

Influencers can work from anywhere. Whether they’re chronicling their life in an RV or working from their kitchen table at home, influencers often work remotely. 

Help influencers dress up their workspaces. Think small, though. Consider small desk caddies, lamps, and mini dry-erase boards. 

Plants are a good choice too. Research shows people are 15% more productive when they’re near greenery. Succulents are an ideal size to send.  

Branded swag

One of the easiest treats to send influencers is swag. You’re likely sending influencers products to promote regularly, but consider sending them a few pieces that are just for personal use, like this: 

Screenshot of post from kenzo_the_englishbulldog on Instagram

Pressed for time? Send influencers a gift card so they can select their favorite products. 

Send customized branded products if you have a little more time and money to devote. An outdoor brand could send influencers a softshell cooler with their name on it, or a clothing brand could have special shirts made with “ABC Company Brand Ambassador” on the back. 

Tips to deliver the best gifts

Before you drop a gift in the mail or send an invitation to an event, consider these tips to up your game:

Get updated contact information

You likely have updated email addresses, but if you plan to mail a package or a formal invitation, ensure the address you have on file is up to date. 

Focus on packaging

Sending an influencer a shirt in a plastic mail bag doesn’t exactly scream, “We appreciate you.” Instead, take some time to package your gift or products in a nice box with tissue paper. Opening the gift should be an experience.

Add a handwritten note

A handwritten note is an easy way to elevate your gift. Even if you just write a few lines, this personalized touch shows influencers that you care. 

Consider shipping times

If you’re sending a package around the holidays, plan ahead. Check on holiday shipping deadlines and give yourself plenty of time to get the package together, filled and delivered.

Tease the gifts on social media

Take a picture of the gifts all wrapped and ready to go and share it on social. Tag your influencers to let them know something fun is on the way. It’s a nice way to build excitement and show your audience that you value your influencers. 

While not obligated, influencers will likely reply to the comment or share a picture of their gifts.

If you want to treat your influencers to something special, any of these ideas will delight your team. 


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