10 Coffee Influencers to Inspire Your Next Latte

With over 62% of Americans drinking coffee every day (and the average drinking at least three cups a day) you could say that coffee is a big part of most people’s days. Check out these coffee influencers sharing their knowledge and inspiring others to make their next cup.

10 coffee influencers grinding up the prettiest, most unique coffees

Golden Brown Coffee

If you’re looking for a coffee account without the snob, Golden Brown Coffee on TikTok is the perfect follow. They’ve gained just under 250K followers with their love for educating people on coffee. The host even shares fun coffee ideas like this Fruit Loop coffee idea with his followers.

James Hoffman

James is who you want to follow if you want to deepen your coffee knowledge. He was a World Barista Champion 2007 and continues to share his knowledge between YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. His coffee knowledge is incomparable and he shares coffee history, machine reviews and so much more.

Barista Seica Bogdan

Head Barista la S.B.100.Coffee Seica has taken to TikTok to share his cafe talent. He’s not only passionate about having a good cup of coffee but also about doctoring your mug up with fun latte art. He shares his unique designs on TikTok and his life as a barista.

Milk Tea Mali

Amali shares her cafe at home with her coffee and tea creations as well as some yummy food thrown in as well. She’s gained over 174K followers on Instagram. She’s also working with brands on some of her unique creations like this one she did with Califia Farms.

Espresso Barred

Erica shares her “aesthetic home cafe” with almost 5K followers on TikTok where she shares beautiful, creative coffee, and her videos are filled with yummy ASMR. Her videos are relaxing to watch, while also helping you spark your coffee imagination for your next morning cup.

Coffee Bae 97

Vivian of Coffee Bae 97 on Instagram has grown to 291K followers with her coffee-filled feed. She helps people change their minds about certain coffee myths, like this one that instant coffee doesn’t have to suck. Her unique coffee ideas will keep you coming back for more to see what she can think up next.

Willow James

This Chicago coffee lover and artist has shared his journey on TikTok with almost 25K followers. He likes to switch things up from your regular coffee like showing you how to make a great espresso martini and often shares his favorite types of coffee that he makes all the time.

1 Cup of Coffee

Tye has grown to over 100K followers on TikTok because of her barista tricks and coffee remakes. She also helps you find budget-friendly ways to get a good, caffeine-filled drink from your local Starbucks. While Tye doesn’t post often, she’s occasionally coming back for more with coffee tips and tricks on your FYP.

7am Coffee club

With 25K followers, Melinda shares her love of coffee on the 7am Coffee Club Instagram page. Her aesthetic feed is filled to the brim with coffee ASMR and unique tasty drinks, like this chocolate chip cookie mocha.


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