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6 Controversial Photoshopped Photos That Made Headlines

Whenever celebrities upload photos on Instagram or Twitter, their fans go completely nuts. Most are happy to see their idols doing well and are excited to leave supportive comments. However, some people get a kick out of going through those photos with a fine-tooth comb, hoping to find evidence of them being altered and therefore fake!

1. Kate Middleton’s Family Photo

The latest victim of such “detectives” was Kate Middleton’s Twitter post celebrating Mother’s Day. The 42-year-old Princess of Wales can be seen embracing her three lovely kids: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. But keen-eyed users noticed that the little Princess’s arm sleeve looked rather strange. The seemingly harmless picture caused a whole lot of uproar in just a couple of days. It is still unknown how or why the image was manipulated, but to be on the safe side, many internet outlets have removed the photo from their news articles.


I have a strong suspicion that this “new” photo of Kate Middleton and her children was taken in November 2023 baded on the outfits. There is ample evidence of bad Photoshop throughout this photo and it is my personal opinion that it is because it is old and they try to change the outfits so that it didn’t look like a match. This is pure speculation and opinion based on my own research. #katemiddleton #whereiskate #whereiskatemiddleton #princessofwales #kensingtonpalace #britishroyals #british #popculture #popculturenews

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2. Kendall Jenner’s Mask and Sign

In 2020, many stars like Michael B. Jordan, Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, and others showed their support for the “Black Lives Matter” movement during a march protest. Then someone decided to upload a pic of Kendall Jenner holding up a “BLACK LIVES MATTER” sign. But fans quickly deduced that the shadow behind the model was missing, which, of course, meant that it was all a lie. In fact, the altered photo was taken somewhere else entirely.


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