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David Raudales

Gracie Bon: TikTok’s Curviest Plus-Size Model

Gracie Bon, a standout plus-size model hailing from Panama City, has truly rocked both the fashion scene and the social media world. Born in ’94, she’s now 30 and has become a force to be reckoned with, boasting a whopping 4.3 million followers on TikTok alone and another 800k on Instagram.

Early Days

Gracie was born and raised in Panama City, but she keeps her personal life pretty low-key, so not much is out there about her family or romantic status. She’s a bit of a mystery in that department, and we won’t pry.

Looks, Charm and Weight Loss

Standing at 5’6″ and weighing in at 102 kg, Gracie rocks her curves like they’re nobody’s business. With deep brown eyes and gorgeous dark hair, she’s got that undeniable allure. Her measurements—40–32–55 inches—scream hourglass figure, and her tan skin just adds to her overall glam.

Recently Gracie Bon took her fans on a trip down memory lane, showcasing her incredible weight loss journey. Gracie shared not just before-and-after photos but also opened up about the motivations behind her transformation. “Embracing my journey: It all started with loving my 300lbs body,” she revealed. Despite some questioning her love for her body, suggesting that true love would mean no desire for change, Gracie had a powerful response. Gracie’s decision was driven by her desire to eliminate knee pain, breathe easier, and move past the rejection from her ex-partner. Her journey was about more than just losing weight; it was a testament to self-love and determination to improve her overall well-being.


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