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8 Biggest Celebrity Cheating Scandals

Some say that cheating is a natural need, and others claim it’s a carnal sin, but looking at all those Hollywood couples swinging their junk left and right, it looks like their actions have little to no consequences. Until you account for the fans’ outrage and the media’s reaction, those two factors are the real career-enders for anyone.

Here are the biggest celebrity cheating scandals of the past two decades.

1. Jesse James was unfaithful to Sandra Bullock

Back in 2010, the fans received horrifying news: Sandra Bullock and Jesse James’ sacred marriage was over! The worst part is that Jesse cheated on her with some sleazy, tattooed stripper and many other women before and after her. Even though he claims he took responsibility for having a side chick, the motorcycle mogul ultimately brushed it off with the equivalent of “millions of men cheat on their spouses, so what?” He’s not wrong, but damn.

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger and his housekeeper

It is not a secret that Arnie is very loveable and has five kids, but one of them is not from his very faithful and non-cheating wife, Maria Shriver. In a 2012 interview, it was revealed that the Governator conceived a son with his housekeeper… in 1997 while still married to Maria! That’s a very dangerous game, Mr. Universe.

3. David Boreanaz cheated on Jaime Bergman

Your favorite vampire detective, David Boreanaz, was also caught fooling around with a mistress in May 2010. If the name Rachel Uchitel rings a bell, that’s because she was Tiger Woods’s most notorious lover. Later, David admitted that this experience actually helped strengthen his marital bond in the long run. Never give up on the people you love.

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