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The Cast of “House” 19 Years Later

The House series gained immense popularity due to the exceptional acting skills and natural charisma of Hugh Laurie and his co-stars. Along with that, it was the unforgettable characters that contributed to its success. Every team member in the diagnostician team brought unique qualities, but ultimately, they were all put down by the team leader and king of sarcasm, Gregory House, and we loved watching him do it.

Let’s look back at the good old times of the early 2000s and see how the cast of House MD has changed after all these years. It is hard to believe that it has almost been two decades since the first episode aired.

1. Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie’s role as Vicodin-addicted head of the diagnostic medicine center Gregory House brought him the Order of the British Empire, two Golden Globes, and hundreds of thousands of fans around the world. The crazy popularity of the show allowed Laurie to continue his career in Hollywood. After the series ended, Hugh starred in dozens of movies and shows, including The Night Manager, Tomorrowland, Catch-22, and Veep. In his spare time, Laurie likes to make music and has founded a blues band with other actors of House. Since 1989, the actor has been married to theater administrator Joe Green, they have three children together.

2. Lisa Edelstein

In the series, Lisa played Dr. Lisa Cudda – an endocrinologist and dean of medicine who had a rather passionate work and personal relationship with House. She’s been around in all but the final season of the show, which is why the fans consider season 8 to be subpar. After that, the actress appeared in the TV series The Kominsky Method, The Good Doctor, Castle, Elementary, and many more. Her most recent project is 2023’s heartbreaking drama Little Bird. 

3. Robert Sean Leonard

Robert Sean Leonard, aka Dr. James Wilson, the head of the oncology department and House’s best friend, is actually best known for his role in the Dead Poets Society. He has always been an active theater nerd but was forced to take a long break due to filming in the series. After 8 seasons on House, the actor returned to the stage to play in the productions of To Kill a Mockingbird, Prodigal Son, and other iconic titles. Together with his pal Ethan Hawke, Leonard founded his own theater company, which produces Broadway shows, but he also loves to appear on camera. He played small roles in The Good Wife, The Black List, Falling Skies, and Blue Blood.

4. Omar Epps

Omar Epps plays Dr. Eric Foreman, a neurologist from House’s diagnostic team. After the show wrapped, Epps continued to pick up TV roles, like the mystical drama Resurrection, then he shared screen time with Ryan Phillippe on the set of Shooter, and later Epps decided to also dabble in producing and screenwriting. Since then, he’s appeared in a couple of projects, including This Is Us, Power Book III, and The Devil You Know.

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