Where Is Ex-NBA Star Kris Humphries Today?

Kris Humphries is one of those names you’ve heard many times in different contexts, but you just can’t pinpoint where exactly. That is, of course, until you hear someone say, “Oh, the NBA star who married Kim Kardashian?” Yes, that Kris Humphries. Aside from that notorious achievement, what has he been up to after divorcing Kim K? Short answer – he’s been playing ball for the Celtics and Hawks up until 2019 before fully retiring. But what’s next for him?

Kris’s new love

After being around such a huge star like Kim Kardashian, Humphries did his best to keep his personal life private. There were some details and photos over the years about the girls he was dating, but the ex-NBA star is pretty good at keeping them under wraps. After the divorce, Kris was seen with Fatmire Sinanaj, then a fashion model, Natalie Pack, and more recently, in 2021, he dated Neyleen Ashley, a fairly well-known influencer. It’s possible they’re still dating, but officially, Kris appears to be single.

Big house for a big boy

Everyone knows that professional NBA players make a small fortune every season, and Humphries was doing pretty well for 13 years, so he’s loaded. And what do all rich people have in common? Luxurious mansions in Beverly Hills. In 2015, Kris bought a 3,340-square-foot villa with three bedrooms for $6.2 million, but he only lived there for two years before flipping it to Jason Oppenheim for $8.2 million. A year later, in 2018, our big boy dished out $7.5 million for a new house.

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