Donald Trump’s Sister Maryanne Has Controversial Take About His Kids 

When you think of the Trump family, you probably imagine them being tight-knit and very close. This is intentional, as they strive to portray an image of them all being on the same page and on a united front. But according to extended family members, there is a very different atmosphere amongst the Trump family. Donald Trump’s niece Mary is known to have some tension with her uncle Donald, but sources say that that also extends to her aunt Maryanne Trump having strong ideas about her brother Donald and some of his children as well. Read to learn more about the inside scoop on all the discourse within the Trump family.

Mary dished a lot about the Trump family in her expose, “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man.” According to Politico, Mary made claims that he paid off someone to take his SAT for him and that he may even have antisocial personality disorder, which is a form of sociopathy. She also claimed that he deals with narcissism and an undiagnosed learning disability. But Donald’s niece isn’t the only one with some opinions about him – his sister Maryanne also has had a lot to say about him. 

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