Where Is The Cast Of Suits After The Series Finale?

Back in 2011, Suits hit the USA Network, bringing the wild story of a college dropout named Mike and his partner in crime, taking some wild court cases, and making legal drama look like peak fiction. Naturally, there’s more to this show than just this dynamic duo. There’s a whole slew of lawyers, paralegals, judges, and everyone in between, but all of them were played by top-tier actors and actresses like Dulé Hill, Rachael Harris, Gina Torres, and many more.

After nine seasons of amazing television, the show aired its last episode in 2019. No, we don’t talk about the spinoff that nobody asked for. And now that Suits has finally landed on Netflix and become one of the most-watched series on the platform, it would be nice to see how the cast is doing today.

1. Neal McDonough

Neal had a recurring gig on Suits portraying Sean Cahill. But don’t let that fool you; this guy’s got a huge list of films and TV roles on his resume, from Desperate Housewives to playing Damien Darhk in The CW’s Arrowverse. Seriously, he’s been all over the place since Suits wrapped up the final season: Yellowstone, Project Blue Book, American Horror Story, and more!

2. Gabriel Macht

Gabriel hit the career jackpot with his role as Harvey Specter in Suits, but these days, he’s focused on family, with his wife Jacinda Barrett and their two children. In September 2023, Macht joined the SAG-AFTRA strike, acknowledging the surprising success of Suits on streaming platforms and calling for actors to receive better residuals, given the show’s massive profits on Netflix and Hulu. During the show’s final season, Macht realized just how popular Suits had become when people on the streets started recognizing him.

3. Gina Torres

Gina Torres rocked the role of law firm partner Jessica Pearson for a solid seven seasons before she went solo in that not-so-great spinoff, “Pearson.” But hey, she’s been keeping herself busy since that show’s demise. You can catch her in stuff like Westworld and 9-1-1 and as a voice in animated series like The Legend of Vox Machina and Elena of Avalor. Now, Jessica Pearson? That’s a highlight in her career. She even spilled the beans to Entertainment Weekly that the role was originally written for a dude but got a total makeover just for her. Pretty cool, right?

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